Finally, A datacenter management tool that doesn't bite.

A better visual than Visio

dRACKula is a photo-realistic view of both the front and back of your servers.

Manage unlimited racks

That’s right—unlimited racks and datacenters. Even if you're Google.

Access for unlimited users

An account for everyone on your team. If you want them to have it.

Mobile-friendly interface

Map external tools to your dashboard and monitor devices anywhere you go.

A secure environment for your data

dRACKula uses 256-bit SHA1 + RSA encryption for all server connections.

Prototype new configurations

Allows you to design racks without being constricted to available live devices.

Manage lease schedules and ledgers

Get in-app and email notifications for expiring equipment leases.

We know dRACKula doesn’t suck. But if it’s not for you, just contact customer service within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.